Internet Filtering


What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and why should Net Activists care?

by adrienne debigare

For those of us just tuning in (which is most of the public, excluding a select group of corporate insiders, and government officials) a new document outlining the details of the ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was just leaked via Wikileaks, and it could change the landscape of Intellectual Property as we know it.

The Russification of Crimea’s Internet Begins With The Kerch Strait Cable

by mayukh sen

Since political unrest erupted in Eastern Ukraine, Crimea has found itself in the middle of an "information war" between Ukraine and Russia. It's a battle that has seen both countries tighten laws surrounding Internet access, use, and expression under the guise of quelling extremist sentiment. In late July, tension heightened when plans for an undersea fiber optic cable stretching from Russia to the newly-annexed Crimea were realized.

#IMWeekly: August 8, 2014

by mayukh sen

In this week’s #IMWeekly: a dissident Cuban blogger “disappears” from his jail cell under fishy circumstances, a former Malaysian Prime Minister backtracks on his calls for no Internet censorship, and the owner of an independent news site in Somaliland is arrested.