#imweekly: July 22, 2013

by Internet Monitor

Tougher Internet filtering policies are being applied throughout Southeast Asia. The Gambia House of Representatives has enacted a new law banning criticism of government officials online. Russia has been pushing new legislation that allows copyright holders to ask courts to block access not only to allegedly pirated content, but also to hyperlinks to such content.

Flying Past Filters and Firewalls: Pigeons as Circumvention Tools

by rtroumbley

Circumventing digital surveillance, breaking through firewalls, and sharing data doesn't have to be high-tech. In fact, as the rate at which we produce and share data eclipses rate of Internet speed increases, many are experimenting with old-school alternatives. Will sneakernets and pigeons make the Internet obsolete?

Is the Internet for Porn?

by rtroumbley

Governments around the world have taken steps to block online pornography, with some stating that the Internet is for porn, and little else. A look at the history of the Internet shows that pornography has played a surprising role, and that over-regulation of online porn may carry some serious risks.

Culture Memes as Creative Resistance on Tiananmen Square Anniversary

by Internet Monitor

A new torrent of words including "today" and "June 4" referencing the Tiananmen Square Anniversary have been blocked from Chinese social media as the country engages in its annual crackdown on Internet, also known as "Internet Maintenance Day." And though the Chinese government is running a sophisticated and tight censorship ship, they're having a bit harder time blocking memes.