What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and why should Net Activists care?

by adrienne debigare

For those of us just tuning in (which is most of the public, excluding a select group of corporate insiders, and government officials) a new document outlining the details of the ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was just leaked via Wikileaks, and it could change the landscape of Intellectual Property as we know it.

#IMWeekly October 31, 2014

by jiou park

Internet tax and protests in Hungary; the ‘hybrid’ Net Neutrality plan under consideration at the FCC; the Intercept publishes manual for spyware sold to governments; research group finds sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group; and FBI’s fake news story, all in this week’s IMWeekly.

Parental Surveillance in the Age of the Internet of Things

by adrienne debigare

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) recently discovered spyware software that police officers around the country are distributing to neighborhood parents, free of charge. The software, called ComputerCOP, can secretly scan files and folders on its host computer. It also monitors all web traffic on a user or users, logs every keystroke a user makes, and keeps all this information in a folder on the user’s machine. It can then send this data to a third party, unencrypted server to notify parents of certain keywords being used. Aside from the technological shortcomings of a product like this lies the ethical debate of when, or how much, parents should monitor their children.

#IMWeekly: October 17, 2014

by jiou park

The latest from the Intercept on Core Secrets and NSA saboteurs in China and Germany; tiny Tor router Anonabox meets dazzling success followed by major backlash; China blocks BBC website as tension in Hong Kong escalates; and Wikileaks publishes a new draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership’s intellectual property chapter, all in this week's IMWeekly.