Net Neutrality


#IMWeekly: November 14, 2014

by jiou park

Massive raid shuts down Silk Road 2.0 and 400 other websites; Obama issues statement on Net Neutrality; draft e-commerce bill that could be used for online censorship introduced in Venezuela; and a new report showing $8 million campaign contributions from major US cable companies, all in this week's IMWeekly from the Internet Monitor.

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and why should Net Activists care?

by adrienne debigare

For those of us just tuning in (which is most of the public, excluding a select group of corporate insiders, and government officials) a new document outlining the details of the ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was just leaked via Wikileaks, and it could change the landscape of Intellectual Property as we know it.

#IMWeekly October 31, 2014

by jiou park

Internet tax and protests in Hungary; the ‘hybrid’ Net Neutrality plan under consideration at the FCC; the Intercept publishes manual for spyware sold to governments; research group finds sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group; and FBI’s fake news story, all in this week’s IMWeekly.

How Nobel Economics Prize Winner Jean Tirole’s Work Explains Today’s Internet

by jiou park

On October 13, the 2014 Nobel prize in Economics was awarded to French economist Jean Tirole “for his analysis of market power and regulation.” Tirole is well known for, among other things, his research on regulation of imperfect markets, and widely respected for work that has both academic and practical impact. Using mathematical models, Tirole focused on monopolistic and oligopolistic markets where existing information asymmetries between industry actors and regulators were further complicated by the possibility of collusion between dominant enterprises.