Terrorism and Extremism


Does Google owe an explanation for removing video game apps about the war in Gaza?

by mayukh sen

Google Play has removed a number of games concerning the conflict in Gaza. Many of these games, critics claim, are in extremely bad taste, making light of a war that's claimed a distressing number of lives. Google has opaquely refused to disclose the particular reasons why these games were removed. Should corporate powers like Google be the arbiters of what's morally acceptable in the public domain? 

#IMWeekly: August 8, 2014

by mayukh sen

In this week’s #IMWeekly: a dissident Cuban blogger “disappears” from his jail cell under fishy circumstances, a former Malaysian Prime Minister backtracks on his calls for no Internet censorship, and the owner of an independent news site in Somaliland is arrested.

One Person’s Terrorist, Another Person’s Freedom Fighter: Ronan Farrow, #twitterpurge, and The Moral Responsibility of Corporations

by mayukh sen

Calls for corporate monitoring of social media – on the grounds that some netizens may be inciting emotional, physical, or terroristic violence – have resurfaced among Ronan Farrow, critics of the #twitterpurge campaign, and #IAmJada advocates. Some journalists and media freedom activists fear that these pleas for corporate responsibility edge eerily close to censorship.