IM Weekly


#IMWeekly: August 8, 2014

by mayukh sen

In this week’s #IMWeekly: a dissident Cuban blogger “disappears” from his jail cell under fishy circumstances, a former Malaysian Prime Minister backtracks on his calls for no Internet censorship, and the owner of an independent news site in Somaliland is arrested.

#IMWeekly: August 1, 2014

by claire mcnear

In this week's #IMWeekly: Russia's "bloggers law" takes effect, Azerbaijan cracks down on human rights activists, a San Francisco lawyer abuses YouTube's reporting function to get a video taken offline, and a blogger is fired from a language school for writing about homophones.

#IMWeekly: July 18, 2014

by claire mcnear

In this week's #IMWeekly: A French blogger is dealt a hefty fine for a restaurant review, Vietnam games Facebook to lock activists out of their accounts, and nine journalists are charged with terrorism in Ethiopia.