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Week in Review: July 8, 2015

by Jenny Shore

This week, Internet Monitor explores the politics of Russia's "right to be forgotten" bill, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative to bring technology and innovation to India, and British Prime Minister David Cameron's call to end strong encryption (which we hear could "ruin the internet").

Week in Review: July 1, 2015

by Muira McCammon

This week, Internet Monitor checks out Facebook's username policies, Google's decision to scrub its search engines of "revenge porn," Iraq's recent Internet outage, Russia's banning of the Internet Archive, and the American Federal Communications Commissioner's controversial statement on human rights.  

The Story of a Twitter API that Went Awry: Deciphering the Politwoops Shutdown

by Muira McCammon

Muira McCammon talks to Nicko Margolies (Politwoops' Project Lead at the Sunlight Foundation), Arjan El Fassed (Director of the Open State Foundation), and Prof. Michael Beurskens (a Twitter researcher and intellectual property law lecturer based at the University of Bonn in Germany) about the recent Politwoops shutdown.

Week in Review: June 17, 2015

by Muira McCammon

This week, Internet Monitor checks out Belgium's not so private problem with Facebook's privacy policies, what can no longer be read on Reddit, Pakistan's abandoned plan to tax the Internet, Chinese efforts to hack away at American federal employees' records, and Wikimedia's decision to encrypt all of its sites.