Culture Memes as Creative Resistance on Tiananmen Square Anniversary

by Internet Monitor

A new torrent of words including "today" and "June 4" referencing the Tiananmen Square Anniversary have been blocked from Chinese social media as the country engages in its annual crackdown on Internet, also known as "Internet Maintenance Day." And though the Chinese government is running a sophisticated and tight censorship ship, they're having a bit harder time blocking memes.

#imweekly: June 10, 2013

by myoungman

This week in #imweekly, new publication laws in Jordan lead to a shuttering of more than 200 websites, Turkish protestors are downloading VPNs to access the net in large numbers and stringent anti-defemation laws have attracted cricitism from civil society groups in Mexico.

Sex, Drugs, and Political Speech in Russia

by joshstein

Earlier this month, Russia’s new Internet censorship bill – designed to block content “containing [child] pornography or extremist ideas, or promoting suicide or use of drugs” – went into effect. Russian netizens are watching closely to see whether this new law will be applied narrowly or broadly, and how it will ultimately affect the freedom of Russia’s Internet.