Announcing the Internet Monitor annual report on Medium!

by Rebekah Heacock Jones

The Internet Monitor team is thrilled to announce that, starting this week, we are publishing our 2014 annual report as a series of stories on Medium.

Internet Monitor 2014: International Issues

First up: our International Issues: Transnational Legal Tensions and Internet Governance collection, which contains all six pieces from the final chapter of the report:

  • An introduction by Robert Faris and Rebekah Heacock
  • "The Rise of Information Sovereignty" by Shawn Powers
  • "Boundless Courts and a Borderless Internet" by Vivek Krishnamurthy
  • "The Great Firewall Welcomes You!" by Nathan Freitas
  • "Toward an Enhanced Role of Academia in the Debates About the Future of Internet GovernanceFrom Vision to Practice" by Urs Gasser
  • "Proliferation of 'Internet Governance'" by Rolf H. Weber

We encourage you to check out the individual essays on Mediumno PDFs to download!leave your comments, write responses, and share with your friends.