Announcing AccessCheck: A Real-Time Tool to Test Website Availability Worldwide

by Rebekah Heacock Jones

Internet Monitor is excited to announce AccessCheck, a tool that lets you check in real time whether users in different countries can access different websites.

AccessCheck users can enter URLs to test in countries ranging from Algeria to Vietnam—our list of available test locations is 40 countries long and growing. Test results include a thumbs up/down notification indicating whether the URL is available and a screenshot of what the site looks like for users in the test country, as well as detailed data on status codes, timings, and any errors encountered along the way.

AccessCheck is currently in closed beta—we’re working with a small set of partners to test our functionality and make improvements to the site. We’re looking forward to opening up to new users soon. To receive notifications when AccessCheck officially launches, join our email list. Questions? Email

Screenshot of test results from Uzbekistan
AccessCheck test results from Uzbekistan on July 27, 2016