Access in Vietnam Vietnam score #503.65?Rank out of 92 countries. Score out of 10.
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Vietnam identifies ICT investment as a key component in its economic development. Internet penetration in Vietnam stands at 40 percent, with 5 percent accessing the Web via fixed broadband connections. Nearly all users (88 percent) have home Internet access, and free Wi-fi connections are available in many public areas such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and airports. Coverage in rural areas still lags behind that of cities and towns. Three out of ten users access the Internet via smart phones, with an equal number utilizing cyber cafes. Owners of cyber cafes must record customers’ ID card information and install software that tracks users’ activity and blocks certain sites. Some of these cafes are also subject to an 11pm curfew as a result of a recent government law aimed at limited the amount of time youth spend playing games online. The Vietnamese government and military control 85 percent of the ISP market, about 90 percent of the mobile phone market, and four of the country’s six Internet gateways.