Access in Peru Peru score #493.72?Rank out of 92 countries. Score out of 10.
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Peru is roughly average amongst other Latin American countries in terms of its ability to provide Internet access to its citizens. Most Peruvians access the Internet through cyber cafes, though growth in the number of ISPs may result in more affordable home access in the near future. The government and the Spanish company Telefónica operate Telefónica del Peru, the country’s dominant telecommunications company and one of its largest ISPs. Peru’s government renewed its contract with Telefónica in January 2013. The contract, good for 18 years and 10 months, includes such social provisions as half-price telephone service for the nation’s poorest citizens, expanded mobile telephone coverage across the country, and free Internet access to local governments, police stations, health centers, and public schools. In 2008, the government invested USD 11.5 million that it had collected in telecommunication fees to build Internet centers in more than 1,000 rural locations, and it is working to expand broadband access in 6,000 rural towns. After ICANN began accepting applications for generic top-level domain names, the governments of Peru and Brazil appealed to prevent the company Amazon from obtaining the .amazon domain.