Access in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan score #563.36?Rank out of 92 countries. Score out of 10.
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Kyrgyzstan’s state-run telecom controls 60 percent of the ICT market. ICT infrastructure is generally underdeveloped, making reliable Internet access difficult to find in rural areas. The lack of well-developed ICT infrastructure has meant that only a small portion of the population can regularly use the Internet. In 2011, a USAID survey found that 51 percent of Internet users were located in the capital, with only five percent of rural residents reporting that they used the Internet. High poverty rates in rural areas of the country may also contribute to the lack of users in those areas, as even where access is available, it can be prohibitively expensive. Cyber cafes are popular throughout the country, and two of the largest telecom companies offer 3G networks all over the country, however low numbers of individuals actually report using their phones to access the internet.

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