Access in India India score #702.54?Rank out of 92 countries. Score out of 10.
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About 13 percent of Indians use the Internet, which in the world’s second most populous nation still means more than 150 million people. Only China and the United States house more Internet users. Most users access the Internet through cybercafes, and broadband and home Internet access remain low. Only 1 percent of Internet users have fixed broadband connections and only 3 percent have home Internet access, similar to home access levels in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Haiti. Mobile phone penetration in India is much higher at 72 percent, and six in ten Internet users surf the web only via their mobile devices. Internet use is concentrated in urban areas, and the Indian government has committed about $4 billion to build a national broadband network to connect 250,000 villages. Lack of awareness of the Internet’s existence contributes to low usage, with 78 percent of non-users saying they don’t know about the Internet.