Access in Ethiopia Ethiopia score #851.37?Rank out of 92 countries. Score out of 10.
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At 1.5 percent, Ethiopia has one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in Africa. Ethiopia’s mobile phone penetration is much higher at 24 percent. The country has created several initiatives to expand Internet access, with limited success. In 2005 the government launched a three-year plan to link the nation’s schools, hospitals, and government offices via satellite or fiber optic cable. While the WoredaNET and SchoolNET networks do operate, slow speeds and power outages have limited their impact. By 2013, the country had reportedly laid 10,000 kilometers of cable, but it had yet to connect to an international undersea cable such as the EASSy, SEACOM, or TEAMS. Partly as a result of these infrastructure issues, broadband access in Ethiopia was the second most expensive in the world in 2010. Ethiopia has one ISP, the state-owned Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (now known as EthioTelecom) and one regulator, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Agency, which acts more as an arm of the Ministry of Transport and Communications than as an independent agency.

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